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Adenotonsillectomy Improves Sleep Apnea in Children

As symptoms lessen, so do related behavioral issues.

Posted 05/23/13 | Post a comment

$6M Settlement in Muted Monitor Death

Tonsillectomy patient's fentanyl-triggered respiratory arrest went unnoticed in PACU.

Posted 04/26/13 | 1 comment

FDA Warns Against Giving Children Codeine After Tonsillectomy

Warning comes in response to 3 pediatric deaths and 1 life-threatening case of respiratory depression.

Posted 02/21/13 | 1 comment

Did Early Discharge Cause Child's Death After Tonsillectomy?

Family alleges hospital was negligent in sending still-unconscious son home.

Posted 05/04/12 | 3 comments

Study: Tonsillectomy Advances Not That Advantageous

Researchers say conventional surgery compares favorably to more modern techniques.

Posted 06/24/11 | 1 comment

New Tonsillectomy Guideline Aims to Identify Best Candidates for Surgery

Evidence-based recommendations advocate a "watchful waiting" approach to moderate throat infections.

Posted 01/10/11 | 1 comment

Anesthesia Providers Cleared in OR Fire Lawsuit

Jury finds providers were not negligent in administering oxygen to pediatric tonsillectomy patient.

Posted 07/28/10 | Post a comment

Is Dexamethasone Safe for Pediatric Tonsillectomy Patients?

Swiss trial shows the steroid reduces PONV but increases risk of post-op bleeding.

Posted 12/12/08 | Post a comment

Your New Tonsillectomy Options

The latest methods reduce post-op pain and tissue damage by using less heat. Which is right for you?

Posted 11/05/08 | Jay Klarsfeld, MD | Post a comment

Outpatient Adenotonsillectomy: How Young Is Too Young?

You can accept very young patients on an outpatient basis. Heres why.

Posted 06/09/08 | Dianne Taylor, Contributing Editor | Post a comment

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