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Sinus Surgery

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Medtronic Buys Hemostatic Gel Technology for Use in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Chitosan-dextran gel could help prevent bleeding and adhesions, says medical device maker.

Posted 03/01/11 | Post a comment

Botched Nasal Surgery Brings $450K Jury Award

Court: Oral surgeon's negligent care prolonged patient's pain.

Posted 09/16/10 | 1 comment

Coding & Billing

Getting Reimbursed for Balloon Sinuplasty

Posted 08/11/10 | Lisa Weston, CPC-H, LHRM | Post a comment

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery On the Rise Among Medicare Patients

Study shows minimally invasive surgery is "becoming the mainstay" of treatment for chronic sinus conditions.

Posted 05/18/10 | Post a comment

Surgery Solves Chronic Rhinosinusitis

A review of 2,070 patients showed a marked post-op improvement in the condition’s common symptoms.

Posted 05/14/09 | Post a comment

Update on Sinus Balloon Surgery

This new procedure could dramatically ease the recovery period for sinusitis sufferers.

Posted 10/28/08 | Jeffrey A. Paffrath, MD; David Nicely | 6 comments

Thinking of Buying... Image-guided ENT Navigation Systems

Image-guided ENT Navigation Systems

Posted 10/10/07 | Jay Klarsfeld, MD | Post a comment

Image-guided Sinus Surgery Systems: Should You Invest?

In a skilled surgeon's hands, they provide an extra margin of safety.

Posted 10/10/07 | Yasmine Iqbal, Contributing Editor | 2 comments

Coding & Billing

Billing for Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Posted 10/10/07 | Lolita M. Jones, RHIA, CCS | 3 comments

Thinking of Buying...ENT Imaging Systems

Cost per case matters more than you may know.

Posted 10/10/07 | Jay Klarsfeld, MD | 1 comment

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