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Robotic Surgery

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Send Every Patient Home With a Robot

Researchers are using robotic and video technology to assess patients at home.

Posted 12/14/11 | Post a comment

Study: Hospitals Sell the Sizzle of Robotic Surgery

Patients shouldn't buy into unsubstantiated claims about the benefits of robotic surgery.

Posted 05/20/11 | Post a comment

Watch This: Surgeon Builds Tiny Paper Plane With Da Vinci Robot

Seattle hospital posts video to demonstrate benefits of robotic surgery.

Posted 04/04/11 | Post a comment

Prostatectomy Patient Who Urinated Out of His Rectum and Defecated Out of His Penis Suing Robot Maker

Patient says broken DaVinci robot caused a perforated colon that led to disturbing GI complications.

Posted 02/25/11 | Post a comment

Prototype Robotic Scrub Nurse Recognizes Surgeons' Gestures

Researchers say technology could potentially improve OR efficiency and safety.

Posted 02/11/11 | 1 comment

Robotic Hysterectomy Is Costlier but No Safer Than Traditional Laparoscopy

Study suggests per-case costs and surgical time increase when robot is used.

Posted 11/23/10 | Post a comment

Prostate Removal Performed Entirely With Surgical and Anesthesia Robots

Canadian researchers say the technologies can improve surgical precision and safety.

Posted 11/04/10 | Post a comment

Woman Sues Hospital, Surgeons Over Botched Robotic Surgery

Patient claims doctors were negligent and lacked sufficient training to perform hysterectomy with da Vinci robot.

Posted 06/04/10 | 1 comment

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