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Robotic Surgery

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Robots Recall: Da Vinci Warns Customers Arms Can Stall

Imprecise surgical cuts can result.

Posted 12/06/13 | Post a comment

Stryker Betting Big on Robot-Assisted Orthopedic Surgery

Stryker acquires Mako Surgical Corp. for $1.65 billion.

Posted 09/25/13 | Post a comment

Da Vinci's Firefly System Approved for Gallbladder Procedures

Improved duct imaging may help reduce injuries.

Posted 09/23/13 | Post a comment

Robotic Surgery Reportedly Goes Awry

Part of a da Vinci system breaks off, remains in hysterectomy patient for months.

Posted 07/26/13 | Post a comment

Robotic Surgery Failure Rates Up, FDA Wants to Know Why

Mounting evidence shows robots drives up costs, don't improve outcomes.

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Denver Surgeon's Use of Robot Leads to Unprofessional Conduct Charges

Warren Kortz, MD, accused of botching surgery and leaving instruments inside patients.

Posted 04/12/13 | Post a comment

A Black Eye for Robotic Surgery

Do aggressive marketing tactics neglect surgeon training and patient safety?

Posted 03/26/13 | 3 comments

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