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Regional Anesthesia

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Take Advantage of Pain Pump Advances

Can these improvements provide better relief?

Posted 02/11/13 | David Bernard, Senior Associate Editor | Post a comment

How to Grow a Regional Program

Facility leaders learned about adding blocks to their pain-control arsenals.

Posted 12/05/12 | Stephanie Wasek, Features Editor | Post a comment

A Nerve Block For Every Patient?

Well, not quite, but regional has become the anesthesia solution for more and more procedures.

Posted 11/05/12 | Emily DeBusk, RN | 1 comment

Misplaced Nerve Block Brings $554K Verdict

Jury award a reminder of the importance of precise placement

Posted 10/24/12 | 1 comment

11 Tips for Better Blocks

Efficiency is the key to maximizing the time-saving benefits of regional anesthesia.

Posted 09/07/12 | John F. Dombrowski, MD, PC; Emily DeBusk, RN | 8 comments

Understanding Ultrasound

Answers to 5 common questions about the imaging technology that has revolutionized orthopedic surgery.

Posted 08/01/12 | Jason P. Whiteley, CRNA, DNAP | Post a comment

Why Regional Benefits Overweight Patients

Avoiding or limiting general anesthesia lets you sidestep a host of potential obesity-related complications.

Posted 06/25/12 | Daniel Cook, Editor-in-Chief | Post a comment

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