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Regional Anesthesia

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Advanced Placement

8 keys to success with continuous nerve blocks.

Posted 10/01/13 | Jerome M. Adams, MD, MPH; Ryan D. Nagy, MD; Kevin M. Backfish, MD | Post a comment

Total Joints at a Freestanding ASC? Why Not?

Chris McClellan, DO, Altoona, Pa.

Posted 10/01/13 | Post a comment

Anesthesia Alert: Are Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks for You?

They can be, with the proper patient selection and good education.

Posted 09/09/13 | Jerome M. Adams, MD, MPH; Ryan D. Nagy, MD | Post a comment

Exparel Falls Short in Nerve Block Trial

But Pacira believes it's still on track for 2014 approval.

Posted 08/05/13 | 1 comment

Regional's Role In Improved Ortho Outcomes

Look no further than nerve blocks for faster and safer recoveries.

Posted 07/25/13 | William Landess | 3 comments

Rev Up With Regional

Local blocks help send happy patients home sooner.

Posted 06/21/13 | Bruce Nadro, DO | 1 comment

Symbios Pain Pumps Recalled

GoPump and GoBlock may deliver too much anesthetic.

Posted 06/13/13 | Post a comment

How to Pick Patients for Continuous Nerve Blocks

Candidate selection is a critical key to success. Here's how to do it right.

Posted 06/04/13 | Brian M. Ilfeld, MD, MS | Post a comment

Pain Pump Recalled

Symbios GOPump malfunction may affect programmed delivery rate.

Posted 03/20/13 | Post a comment

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