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Plastic surgery

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Jury Rejects Fatal Abdominoplasty Med Mal Claim

Surgeon met standard of care for patient who died due to DVT.

Posted 03/12/12 | Post a comment

Facelift Patient Devoted Herself to Ruining Surgeon's Reputation

Dissatisfied with outcome, she waged online war before taking her life.

Posted 02/10/12 | Post a comment

Gynecologists Offering Breast Augmentation and Ophthalmologists Doing Liposuction

News report examines why more and more doctors perform cosmetic procedures outside their specialty.

Posted 01/31/12 | 1 comment

Death Alone After Liposuction Results in $1.8 Million Award

Lawsuit shows need for surgeon's strong involvement in each case.

Posted 10/19/11 | 1 comment

Plastic Surgeon's Patients File Suit Over Nude Photos Online

Doctor accused of posting images and patient names without consent.

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Liposuction May Have Legitimate Health Benefit

Study links procedure to reduced triglycerides, white blood cell counts.

Posted 09/23/11 | Post a comment

How Old is Too Old For Plastic Surgery?

Cosmetic enhancements over age 65 on the rise.

Posted 08/10/11 | Post a comment

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