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Plastic surgery

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Medical Records of the Rich and Famous Stolen from Upscale Clinic

A disgruntled former employee of a Beverly Hills plastic surgery center is also accused of taking photos of unconscious patients.

Posted 06/02/17 | Post a comment

N.J. Considering Cosmetic Surgery Site Limits

Restrictions pit plastic surgeons against office-based dermatologists.

Posted 05/14/13 | 4 comments

Maryland Seeks to Regulate Cosmetic Surgery Facilities

In wake of infections and death, want office-based centers to become ASCs.

Posted 04/03/13 | 1 comment

Lipoplasty Is Top Cosmetic Surgery

Surgeons in U.S., Brazil, China, Japan, Italy do most procedures.

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2 Hospitalized, 1 Dead in Liposuction Infection Outbreak

Maryland officials shut down cosmetic surgery center to investigate.

Posted 09/20/12 | 1 comment

Hollywood Doc Accused of Secretly Videotaping Female Patients

Famed plastic surgeon allegedly trained a hidden camera on 2 women during post-op visits. Authorities fear more victims could surface.

Posted 08/09/12 | 1 comment

Plastic Surgeon Arrested in Murder-for-Hire Plot

Paid $9,000 in silver for killing of romantic rival.

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Liposuction Device Lawsuit Going Forward

Patient claims she wasn't notified of her role in product's safety testing.

Posted 04/27/12 | Post a comment

Does Plastic Surgeon's "Jewcan Sam" Video Go Too Far?

Self-proclaimed "Dr. Schnoz" courts controversy with rhinoplasty rock video.

Posted 03/16/12 | 1 comment

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