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Pain Management

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Opioid-Free Recipe Swap

Anesthetists share the ingredients to their multimodal approach to 3 painful surgeries.

Posted 03/14/18 | JoEllen McBride, PhD | 3 comments

Sending Patients Home With Pain Pumps

Peripheral nerve catheters are your secret weapon in the quest for prolonged post-surgical pain control.

Posted 02/09/18 | Jim Burger, Senior Editor | 2 comments

Why Was This N.J. Pain Management Doc Barred From Practice?

Investigators say she displayed erratic and delusional behavior and smelled of alcohol while practicing.

Posted 12/01/17 | 2 comments

Researchers Say a Lack of Education Leads Patients to Overestimate Their Post-op Pain

"Patients likely overestimate pain due to a lack of understanding of the surgical procedure, fear and anxiety," say researchers.

Posted 12/01/17 | Post a comment

Safety: Avoid Opioid-Related Respiratory Depression

Continuous electronic monitoring tops pulse oximetry or spot checks.

Posted 10/04/17 | Michael Wong, JD | Post a comment

Study: Long-Term Opioid Use Rarely Starts With Surgery

Some have blamed surgeons for the opioid crisis, but a study found chronic opioid users rarely got their first prescriptions after surgery.

Posted 08/23/17 | 2 comments

Do Drug-Free Interventions Reduce Pain or Opioid Consumption After Total Knee Arthroplasty?

Researchers find that electrotherapy and acupuncture might reduce and delay opioid consumption, but do little to control pain.

Posted 08/17/17 | Post a comment

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