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How to Optimize Knee Replacements

Focus on these essential elements to send patients home happy and healthy.

Posted 12/13/18 | Jared Bilski | Post a comment

Expert Tips for Total Joint Efficiency

Build your program on these pillars of success.

Posted 09/14/18 | Mike Morsch, Associate Editor; Jeannette Sabatini, Associate Editor | Post a comment

Founder of the Famed Rothman Institute Slowing Down (Sort of) After 50 Years in the OR

Q&A with Richard H. Rothman, MD, PhD, orthopedic pioneer and healthcare entrepreneur.

Posted 08/02/18 | RichardH.Rothman, MD, PhD | Post a comment

Position Patients for Surgical Success

Surgeons want easy access and maximum exposure when working in shoulders, hips and knees.

Posted 08/02/18 | Mike Morsch, Associate Editor | Post a comment

Keeper of the Bundle

Tips for succeeding with orthopedic bundled payment models.

Posted 08/02/18 | Robert Raspa, PA-C | Post a comment

Total Support for Total Joints

Consultants from top orthopedic manufacturers can guide you to same-day replacement success.

Posted 08/02/18 | Daniel Cook, Editor-in-Chief | Post a comment

Advances in Orthopedic Anesthesia

New ideas are emerging for managing post-op pain and enhancing recoveries.

Posted 08/02/18 | Jim Burger, Senior Editor | Post a comment

Infection-Free Joint Replacements

7 ways to prevent SSIs from developing in incisions and implants.

Posted 08/02/18 | Daniel Cook, Editor-in-Chief | 1 comment

A Dozen Hot Orthopedic Products

A look at some of the attention-grabbers at this year's American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons exhibit hall.

Posted 08/02/18 | Christopher V. Bensen, MD | 2 comments

Stemming the Tide of Infectious Fluid Waste

Direct-to-drain options are cost-effective ways to keep your floors dry and your staff safe.

Posted 08/02/18 | Jeannette Sabatini, Associate Editor | Post a comment