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Gastric Band Surgery

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Did United Use Phony Excuses and Delay Tactics to Avoid Lap-Band Payments?

Complaint claims insurer is targeting the morbidly obese.

Posted 03/26/14 | Post a comment

Prepping for Gastric Banding

The essential equipment, staffing and anesthesia needs for outpatient success.

Posted 09/07/12 | Gaia Lukevich, RN, BSN, RNFA, CASC, CBN | Post a comment

FDA Targets Gastric Band Weight-Loss Claims

Ads fail to disclose the surgery's potentially serious risks.

Posted 12/13/11 | Post a comment

Gastric Banding: Safe for Teenagers?

Allergan seeking FDA approval to market Lap-Band system for obese adolescents.

Posted 05/25/11 | Post a comment

Lap-Band Patient's Death Blamed on "Suboptimal Anesthesia Care"

Woman who suffered from sleep apnea died after post-op respiratory failure and cardiac arrest in surgery center.

Posted 04/20/11 | Post a comment

Study Finds "Relatively Poor" Long-Term Outcomes From Gastric Banding

Allergan finds "various flaws" with study showing more than a third of patients experienced major complications.

Posted 03/23/11 | Post a comment

Jury Awards $1.38 Million for Gastric Banding Death

Finds surgeon, patient equally at fault for post-op fatality.

Posted 01/24/11 | Post a comment

Should FDA Approve Gastric Lap-Band for the Slightly Obese?

Op-ed piece says not without research into the long-term effects.

Posted 01/12/11 | Post a comment

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