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Eye Surgery

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DSEK, a Clear Choice in Corneal Transplant Surgery

DSEK is becoming the go-to procedure for replacing diseased tissue.

Posted 03/11/11 | Steven D. Vold, MD | Post a comment

Can You Profit From Glaucoma Surgery?

There's no better way to end a day of cataracts than by adding a few glaucoma cases to the schedule.

Posted 01/06/11 | Donna White, RN, MSN, MHA | Post a comment

What's New in Ophthalmology?

A tour of the technology on display at the ASCRS exhibit hall.

Posted 08/11/10 | Steven D. Vold, MD | Post a comment

Alcon Recalls Constellation Vision System

Software and hardware problems causing unexpected shutdowns of ophthalmic microsurgery system.

Posted 07/23/10 | Post a comment


Eye surgery's newest devices and instruments give cataract and retinal procedures a safer, more efficient look.

Posted 07/05/10 | Post a comment

Thinking of Buying...An Ophthalmic Microscope

It's a clear choice when you consider which features your eye surgeons want.

Posted 07/05/10 | Jason Jones, MD | Post a comment

Eye Docs Ask CMS to Broaden Same-Day Notification Rule for ASCs

Requiring ASCs to notify patients of their rights before day of surgery "causes unnecessary inconvenience," they say.

Posted 06/24/10 | 2 comments

How to Outfit Your New Eye OR

Four new ORs helped my surgery center add cases and surgeons to a maxed-out caseload.

Posted 04/11/10 | Marnix Heersink, MD | Post a comment

Business Advisor

A New Surgical Treatment for Glaucoma

Posted 03/06/10 | T. Hunter Newsom, MD | Post a comment

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