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Eye Surgery

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Thinking of Buying...An Ophthalmic Microscope

Inside the cataract surgeon's most important piece of equipment.

Posted 11/07/11 | Sandra Yeh, MD | 2 comments

Eye on Ophthalmology

Shunts and Stents for Glaucoma

Posted 08/30/11 | Steven D. Vold, MD | Post a comment

Retinal Surgery Success Strategies

A little investment plus an excellent surgeon equals a profitable specialty.

Posted 08/07/11 | Dan O'Connor, Editor-in-Chief | Post a comment

New Technology for Ophthalmic Surgery

Cataract lasers, scope improvements and other "exciting leaps forward."

Posted 08/07/11 | Sandra Yeh, MD | Post a comment

ASC Found Negligent, Must Pay $2.25M for Eye Surgery Patient's Brain Injury

Plaintiff argued surgery center failed to properly monitor sedated patient.

Posted 06/24/11 | 1 comment

Avoid These 7 Mistakes in Processing Ophthalmic Instruments

We must have zero tolerance for shortcuts in the decontamination, preparation and sterile processing of eye surgery's delicate tools.

Posted 06/12/11 | BarbaraAnnHarmer, RN, BSN, MHA | Post a comment

Study: Off-Label Bevacizumab Is "Equivalent" to Ranibizumab for Treatment of Neovascular AMD

Government research suggests $50-a-dose Avastin is safe alternative to $2,000-a-dose Lucentis.

Posted 05/23/11 | Post a comment

Eye Surgeon Charged With Performing Hundreds of Unnecessary Laser Procedures

U.S. government says Baltimore ophthalmologist bilked Medicare and put patients at risk.

Posted 03/17/11 | Post a comment

Ophthalmology Super Centers: How They Got That Way

9 secrets to building your volume and growing your business.

Posted 03/11/11 | Kent Steinriede, Associate Editor | Post a comment

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