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Boost Your Adenoma Detection Rates

The latest scope upgrades enhance views of the colon to highlight hard-to-spot growths.

Joe Paone

Joe Paone


Pamela Bevelhymer, RN, BSN, CNOR
ADENOMA DETECTION RATE According to CMS, physicians should have an adenoma detection rate of at least 20% in women and 30% in men.

In order to remove a polyp or adenoma, you first have to see it. New technologies ranging from low-tech mechanical innovations to high-tech digital solutions enhance the views of specific areas of the colon and reduce the number of adenomas that remain hidden from view behind folds and flexures. Increasing adenoma detection rates (ADR) requires visualizing all of the colon’s mucosa (mucosal exposure) and being able to better spot adenomas on the mucosa you see (highlighting). That calls for a combination of higher video resolution, wider viewing angles and — let’s not forget this — good technique.

1. Better image quality

If you’re still using standard-def scopes, you’re likely behind the curve in ADR. High-definition scopes are a must now, due to their ability to much more clearly display small polyps. It’s far easier for physicians to detect adenomas thanks to the added detail these vastly improved cameras provide — 5 times the pixel count of standard definition. Analyses show that HD gives you a 3% to 4% gain in ADR, according to gastroenterologist Douglas K. Rex, MD, a professor at Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis, Ind. This enhanced view can be particularly helpful for less experienced examiners. A key point, though: Just having an HD scope won’t help unless your whole system is HD-enabled, including the processor and the video monitor.

We’re starting to see some ultra-high-def 4K scope technology hit the market, and that even further-enhanced image quality — 4 times the resolution of HD — certainly can’t hurt. But as with HD, all elements of the video processing chain must be 4K-capable to derive its benefits.

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