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Surgical Supplies

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The Perks of Prefilled Syringes

Predrawn meds are a convenient, safe and economical option.

Posted 12/10/20 | Danielle Bouchat-Friedman, Associate Editor | Post a comment

Winning Wound-Closure Solutions

Innovative devices save time, minimize scarring and satisfy patients.

Posted 08/10/20 | Jared Bilski | Post a comment

The True Price of Prefilled Syringes

Focusing too heavily on the upfront costs of premixed medications can come back to hurt you in surprising ways.

Posted 08/10/20 | Jared Bilski | Post a comment

Avoid Compounding in the OR

Start small to stop drug preparations that can lead to errors and sterility issues.

Posted 02/11/20 | Jared Bilski | Post a comment

Running on Empty

Don't let the drug shortage leave you hung out to dry. Take these 5 steps to ensure limited supplies of essential medications never impact patient care.

Posted 08/12/19 | Daniel Cook, Editor-in-Chief | Post a comment

Thinking of Buying Surgical Gloves

Find the fit, feel and level of protection your surgeons and staff desire.

Posted 07/18/19 | Joe Paone | Post a comment

Success With Prefilled Syringes

Before you order medications from a compounding pharmacy, check out this practical advice.

Posted 02/12/19 | Dan O'Connor, Editor-in-Chief | Post a comment

In Search of the Perfect Hernia Mesh

There is no such thing - I know because I went looking for one.

Posted 04/09/18 | Bruce Ramshaw, MD, FACS | 1 comment

Thinking of Buying ... Non-Latex Gloves

How to get your team to switch to the safer alternative.

Posted 11/02/17 | Joe Madsen, Associate Editor | Post a comment

Do Your Anesthetists Have All They Desire?

The 6 drugs and devices anesthesia providers say they can't do without.

Posted 11/02/17 | Jim Burger, Senior Editor | Post a comment

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