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Surgical Cost Management

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Getting the Most Out of Your Distributor

What else can it deliver you?

Posted 04/03/08 | David Bernard, Senior Associate Editor | Post a comment

It's Good To Be Frugal

A collection of our readers' best cost-saving ideas.

Posted 02/09/08 | Outpatient Surgery Editors | Post a comment

Shop Around Before You Join the Club

How to choose the group purchasing organization that's right for you.

Posted 01/08/08 | Otto Griffin | Post a comment

Equip Your Facility on a Budget

Cost constraints don't have to keep you from getting what you want.

Posted 01/08/08 | Nathan Hall, Associate Editor | Post a comment

A Guide to Generics

What you need to know to safely switch from a brand-name drug.

Posted 10/10/07 | Alan P. Marco, MD, MMM, FACPE | Post a comment


Purchasing Surgical Drugs: A Science and an Art

Posted 10/10/07 | Bill Meltzer | Post a comment

Uncovering 3 Hidden Supply Costs

Can an item that has a higher list price actually cost you less in the long run? It can when you consider these hidden costs.

Posted 10/10/07 | BarbaraAnnHarmer, RN, BSN, MHA | Post a comment

5 Ways to Make Your GPO Work for You

Here's how to reduce supply costs even further.

Posted 10/10/07 | Jim Knatz | Post a comment

5 Ways to Get the Most from Your Surgical Supply Vendors

If you develop a personal relationship with a sales rep, you'll find that you can save time and money.

Posted 10/10/07 | Dianne Taylor, Contributing Editor | Post a comment

Browser's Paradise: 5 Top Web Sites for Online Ordering

Easier ordering, faster responses and immediate pricing and delivery schedule updates are just some of the benefits of buying your surgical supplies online.

Posted 10/10/07 | Judith Lee | Post a comment

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