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Selling a Surgery Center

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How to Value an ASC

Whether you want to make an important business decision, prepare for the future, or are just plain curious, heres expert advice on how to place a value on an ASC

Posted 06/09/08 | Dianne Taylor, Contributing Editor | Post a comment

How to Sell a Piece of Your ASC

With booming growth and stellar profit margins, ASCs are quickly becoming the new darlings of Wall Street. Should you cash in on this growing trend?

Posted 06/09/08 | Jerry J. Sokol, Esq. | Post a comment

Scrubs or Suits: Are You Dressed for Success?

The business of running a surgery center is more complex than it might appear. Find out if it makes sense to pick a corporate partner to help you run things.

Posted 10/10/07 | Connie O'Kane, Senior Associate Editor | Post a comment

The Perils and Payoffs of Hospital Joint Ventures

How we built an ASC from partnership and perseverance.

Posted 10/10/07 | Jay Klarsfeld, MD | Post a comment

Rescued by a Corporate Partner

This failing surgery center was out of options until a management firm led a facility-saving turnaround.

Posted 10/10/07 | Camie Overton, BA, CASC | Post a comment

A Piece of the Action

To sell or not to sell part of your surgery center to a corporate partner? That is the question. We asked those in scrubs and suits for the answer.

Posted 10/10/07 | Dan O'Connor, Editor-in-Chief | 1 comment

9 Essential Elements of a Partnership Agreement

Don't take any chances with these key provisions.

Posted 10/10/07 | Scott Becker, Esq., CPA; AlisonVratilMikula, JD | 2 comments

What's Your Surgery Center Worth?

Here's the best way to set a price on your prized investment.

Posted 10/10/07 | Dan O'Connor, Editor-in-Chief | Post a comment

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