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Selling a Surgery Center

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Time to Sell a Piece of the Pie?

Consider the benefits and drawbacks of ownership realignment before sharing a slice of your success.

Posted 03/09/09 | Albert R. Riviezzo, Partner | Post a comment

Preparing Your Center for Sale

Buying out underperforming docs, bringing in new physician-owners and financing your ownership's realignment can maximize your ASC's curb appeal.

Posted 03/09/09 | Robert Goettling, JD | Post a comment

The Good and Bad of Hospital Partnerships

Are you or your partners willing to cede control for access to a hospital's patients, purchasing power and negotiating clout?

Posted 03/09/09 | Brent Cherne, CPA, FHFMA | Post a comment

How to Pick a Partner

Surgeons tell you what to look for when teaming up with a corporate entity.

Posted 03/09/09 | Dan O'Connor, Editor-in-Chief; Irene Tsikitas, Associate Editor | Post a comment

The Anatomy of a Deal

A big-picture look at trends, situations and solutions in ASC equity sales.

Posted 03/09/09 | Jerry J. Sokol, Esq.; Joshua M. Kaye, JD. | Post a comment

What Is Your Surgery Center Worth?

What Is Your Surgery Center Worth?

Posted 03/09/09 | Jon Vick | Post a comment

Partner With a Hospital?

Here's how to tell if a joint venture is for you.

Posted 01/10/09 | Joan G. Dentler, MBA; Diane Carter, JD | Post a comment

How a Corporate Partner Saved Our ASC

My physician-partners and I thought we could go it alone, but it took an ASC development company to set us on the path to profitability.

Posted 01/10/09 | Robert E. Lee, MD | Post a comment

What's Your Center Really Worth to a Corporate Partner?

Find out what you can do to command a premium price from a buyer in today's market.

Posted 08/08/08 | Irene Tsikitas, Associate Editor | Post a comment

Is it Wise to Joint Venture

Point - Counterpoint

Posted 06/09/08 | Post a comment

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