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Archive May 2020 XXI, No. 5

Product News

Great Ideas for your OR


Keep Your Screens Clean

Remove smudges and bacteria from video monitors, computer screens or personal devices and help stop the spread of pathogens with the iRoller from SKT Productions. The iRoller is a liquid-free cleaning option that eliminates the need for disposable wipes, microfiber cloths and sprays. The reusable 3.5-inch device, which is easy to clean with soap and water and comes in a handy storage case, helps you comply with the CDC's recommendation to regularly treat high-touch surfaces.


Data-Driven Decisions Drive Improvements

The Surgical Services Tableau from Prominence Advisors provides a look into how your ORs operate, letting you optimize utilization, increase efficiencies, lower case costs and increase revenues. The customizable dashboard provides automated alerts for first case on-time starts, captures surgeons' block time utilization and compares operating room turnover times with established goals to foster process improvement. Analyze accurate statistics to make informed and timely decisions that will increase case volume and improve your staff and surgeons' performances.


Take the Guesswork Out of Knee Replacements

Improve total knee outcomes with OrthoSensor's Verasense intelligent sensors, which let surgeons assess ligament balance throughout the joint's entire range of motion. When surgeons feel the knee is properly balanced, they place the sensor on the tibial tray and it assesses mediolateral loading values at various degrees of flexion. The real-time feedback lets them adjust the alignment and balance of the knee in order to achieve better outcomes and improve patient satisfaction. The single-use sensors can be used with many leading total knee systems.


New Implant Mimics The Wrist's Natural Motion

Extremity Medical's KinematX Total Wrist Implant, which received FDA approval last month, is designed to match the complex anatomy and motion of the joint in patients suffering from debilitating arthritis. Unlike traditional implants, the KinematX enables the wrist to move in two planes — up and down, and side to side — to let patients return to high-performance activities such as golf and tennis. The implant can be used during wrist replacements performed on an outpatient basis, say the surgeon inventors from the Hospital of Special Surgery in New York City.


Ultrasound-Guided Carpal Tunnel Release

Sonex Health’s SX-One MicroKnife lets surgeons treat carpal tunnel syndrome through a 4mm to 5mm incision, eliminating the need for open surgery to relieve pressure on the median nerve by cutting the transverse carpal ligament (TCL). The microincision surgery involves inserting the knife with ultrasound guidance under the TCL and advancing a blade from the device’s tip to transect the ligament. The procedure eliminates the painful and extended recovery from traditional open surgery and results in less scarring.


Perform Power Morcellation Safely and Effectively

In February, the FDA recommended performing laparoscopic power morcellation GYN procedures only with a tissue containment system. The PneumoLiner, made by Advanced Surgical Concepts and distributed by Olympus, is the only tissue containment system cleared by the FDA for use during power morcellation. It provides a barrier between target tissue and the abdominal wall, and maintains a barrier to contain fluids, cells and tissue fragments. The inflatable device conforms to the patient’s abdominal size to prevent the folding that can restrict the movement of the morcellator and limit the surgeon’s visualization.

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Product News

Great Ideas for your OR

Product News

Great ideas for you OR

Product News

Great ideas for your OR