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Archive January 2020 XXI, No. 1

Product News

Great Ideas for your OR

Disposable Duodenoscope 

World’s First Fully Disposable Duodenoscope

The Exalt Model D Duodenoscope from Boston Scientific is the first and only FDA cleared single-use duodenoscope, eliminating the potential for infections caused by ineffective reprocessing. The FDA granted Exalt breakthrough device designation, expediting physicians’ access to a new, sterile device for each patient undergoing endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography. The Exalt builds on the familiar design of standard reusable duodenoscopes so that physicians experience a minimal learning curve when adopting this technology, says the company.

Hearing Implant 

A Reimagined Hearing Implant

The Cochlear Osia 2 System is a new category of bone conduction hearing solutions that bypasses damaged areas of the natural hearing system to send sound vibrations directly to the inner ear. The Osia 2 is made of 2 parts: the sound processor and the implant. The implant is placed under the skin, behind the ear. The sound processor, available in 5 different color covers, sits just off the ear, held in place by a magnetic connection. The dual microphones capture sound and the sound processor converts it to a digital signal.


With a Click, a Clean Laparoscope

Be it blood, debris, smoke or steam, a foggy or smeared leans is a major frustration during laparoscopy. The surgeon must remove the scope, clean it and re-insert it. ClickClean instantly cleans the scope while it’s still in the patient. As soon as the view becomes impaired, the surgeon clicks a trigger to advance a transparent, biocompatible film along the scope’s lens.


Toric IOL Addresses Astigmatism at Time of Surgery

You can treat your patient’s cataracts and astigmatism at the same time with Bausch & Lomb’s enVista toric MX60ET hydrophobic acrylic intraocular lens. The MX60ET offers a glistening free optic and a broad range of cylinder powers as low as 1.25 diopter (D), making these lenses the only domestically available IOLs that correct <1D of astigmatism at the corneal plane, says the company.


Simplify Hernia Repair

What do you get when you combine a dissolvable hernia mesh with a removable positioning system? The Phasix ST Mesh with Echo 2, a bioresorbable mesh with a pre-attached deployment and positioning system designed to help simplify minimally invasive ventral hernia repairs. Phasix ST Mesh helps create a strong repair without the need for a permanent implant, says BD. The Echo 2 Positioning System attaches to the mesh and, once inflated, unrolls and opens the mesh, then automatically centers it over the hernia defect, eliminating the time and effort of placement and retrieval of orientation sutures, says the company.


Inspect Instruments With This LED Magnifier

See what you’ve been missing when it comes to damaged or soiled instruments with Healthmark’s LED Interchangeable Magnifier, manufactured with an interchangeable 5-diopter glass lens that has a 2.25x magnification, 360-degree rotatable lamp head and a fully enclosed spring-balanced arm to prevent pinching hazards. Equipped with 64 ultra-bright white SMD LEDs with brightness adjustable controls, the magnifier has a 36-inch reach, max illumination of 950lm, wattage of 6W and includes a table clamp with a 2-inch opening. Also available in these magnifications and diopters: 3x (8 diopter), 4x (12 diopter) and 4.75x (15 diopter).

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Product News

Great Ideas for Your OR

Product News

Great ideas for your OR

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