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Personal Safety

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Let's Ban Surgical Smoke

It's time to protect all surgical professionals from the harmful effects of toxic plumes.

Posted 09/26/17 | Jeff Belcher, BSN, RN, CSSM | Post a comment

Safety: Are You Ready for a Disaster?

How to comply with CMS's Emergency Preparedness Rule.

Posted 09/08/17 | Leslie Mattson, RN, BSHM | Post a comment

Police: Man Shot Pain Management Doctor Because He Refused to Give Wife Opioids

Todd Graham, MD, was murdered 2 hours after seeing the accused assailant's wife.

Posted 08/01/17 | 1 comment

Keep Fluid Waste Off the Floor

Today's collection and disposal solutions speed room turnovers and protect staff from harm.

Posted 07/25/17 | Jim Burger, Senior Editor | Post a comment

Anesthesia Alert: Can You Spot a Drug Diverter in Your Midst?

Anesthesia providers are vulnerable to on-the-job opioid abuse.

Posted 07/05/17 | Perry V. Ruspantine, CRNA, APRN | Post a comment

Let's Get Serious About Sharps Safety

I'm on a quest to eliminate cuts and needlesticks from the OR. Are you ready to join me?

Posted 06/19/17 | Mark Davis, MD, FACOG | Post a comment

Legislation Would Outlaw Surgical Smoke in Calif. ORs

Lawmakers press forward with a bill that would mandate the use of smoke-evacuation systems in healthcare settings.

Posted 04/19/17 | 1 comment

Staffing: Avoid Career Burnout

3 steps to improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Posted 04/06/17 | Jeffrey M. Smith, MD | Post a comment

Hole in One?

How we convinced our surgeons and staff to double-glove.

Posted 04/06/17 | Kimberly J. Elgin, MSN, RN, CNOR, CLNC | Post a comment