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Shopping for Safer Tourniquets

These features help prevent pressure-related injuries and other potentially serious complications.

Posted 07/22/16 | Jim McEwen, PhD | Post a comment

Stretcher-Chairs for Safer Patient Handling

Ready to transform your facility into a no-lift, no-transfer environment?

Posted 06/02/16 | Kendal Gapinski, Contributing Editor | Post a comment

Clear Visibility

Don't let smoke, fog and debris impede your surgeon's view.

Posted 03/10/16 | Kendal Gapinski, Contributing Editor | Post a comment

Olympus Agrees to Record Kickback Settlement

The $646M penalty is the largest settlement of its kind in U.S. history.

Posted 03/02/16 | 1 comment

The Case for Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacement

Incredible precision levels the playing field among surgeons and improves long-term outcomes.

Posted 01/13/16 | James Bates, MD | 1 comment

Equipping Your Total Joints OR

How to furnish your room in style — from the equipment to the instruments to the supplies.

Posted 01/13/16 | Kate Gillespie, MBA, RN, NE-BC; Carol Childress, RN, BSN, CNOR | Post a comment

New Currents in Electrosurgery

Recent innovations are improving safety and convenience.

Posted 12/02/15 | Arnold P. Advincula, MD, FACOG, FACS | 1 comment

Hot Features in Warming Cabinets

The latest innovations promote safety, convenience and reliability.

Posted 11/03/15 | Gary Lawson, MD | Post a comment

Our New Heavyweight Table

The $75,000 workhorse has a 1,200-pound weight capacity and a host of other safety features.

Posted 11/03/15 | Chelsey Holloway, RN, ST | Post a comment

Case Carts Carry the Load

Don't overlook the critical role they play in your workflow.

Posted 11/03/15 | Carol M. Dechen, RN, BSN, MBA, CNOR | Post a comment

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