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Hospital Construction

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Design and Development for Dummies

Building and design tips from 100-plus surgical construction projects.

Posted 01/08/08 | Tom Yerden | Post a comment

Get It First, But First Get It Right

A cautionary tale to remind you that slow and steady will win the race.

Posted 01/08/08 | Dan O'Connor, Editor-in-Chief | Post a comment

How We Survived Our Construction Project

Reality TV inspired our staff to outlast a facility overhaul.

Posted 01/08/08 | Karen Frye | Post a comment

Facilities on Parade

A portfolio of opportunities for surgical entrepreneurs.

Posted 01/08/08 | Post a comment

What Architects Wish You Knew

These insider tips can save you a bundle of on construction - and aspirin - expenses.

Posted 01/08/08 | Nathan Hall, Associate Editor | Post a comment

Who Says There's a Credit Crunch?

Finance your project regardless of what's happening on Wall Street.

Posted 01/08/08 | Kent Steinriede, Associate Editor | Post a comment

The Case for Hospital Joint Ventures

Because they've got resources, influence and interest.

Posted 01/08/08 | Joan G. Dentler, MBA | Post a comment

Countdown to Success

From applying for state licensure to ribbon cutting, here's a sensible timeline to follow.

Posted 01/08/08 | Anita Lambert-Gale | Post a comment

9 Lessons Learned Along the Way

No matter where your construction journey ends, here's some advice to consider.

Posted 01/08/08 | Jay Sveen | Post a comment

See Your ORs Before They're Built

Before spending millions on their construction projects, these hospitals first created fake operating rooms.

Posted 01/08/08 | Dawn Fallik | Post a comment

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