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Thinking of Buying Rigid Containers

Invest in these durable and versatile cases to improve instrument care.

Posted 12/10/20 | Nancy Chobin, RN, AAS, ACSP, CSPM | Post a comment

Medical Malpractice: Documentation is Never an Afterthought

Real-time records present the facts if a case ends up in a courtroom.

Posted 12/10/20 | William Duffy, RN, MJ, CNOR, FAAN | Post a comment

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion: Understanding Implicit Bias

Providers who recognize their prejudices provide more equitable care.

Posted 12/10/20 | Heena Santry, MD | Post a comment

Staffing: How to Reinvigorate a Reeling Workforce

Focus on fixing these common concerns among stressed out staff.

Posted 12/10/20 | Martin Wright | Post a comment

Always Prepared for MH

Interactive drills and clearly defined roles ensure staff are ready for a real-life emergency.

Posted 12/10/20 | Jasmine Hampton, BSN, RN, CNOR | Post a comment

The Perks of Prefilled Syringes

Predrawn meds are a convenient, safe and economical option.

Posted 12/10/20 | Danielle Bouchat-Friedman, Associate Editor | Post a comment

Make Instrument Precleaning a Priority

Point-of-use care improves surgical efficiencies, staff collaboration and patient care.

Posted 12/10/20 | William DeLuca, CRCST, CHL, CIS | Post a comment

A Simple Tool Makes Surgery Safer

Using checklists during pre-op time outs and post-op debriefings protects patients from harm.

Posted 12/10/20 | Danielle Bouchat-Friedman, Associate Editor | Post a comment

Thinking About a Surgical Video Upgrade?

Visualization, image management and integration capabilities are key factors to consider.

Posted 12/10/20 | Suraj S. Soudagar, MS, MBA, LEED AP | Post a comment

Rapid Room Resets

A medical center's ability to slash six minutes off OR turnover times presents a blueprint for success.

Posted 12/10/20 | Maria Marabito, Contributing Editor | Post a comment

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