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Staffing: A Clear Communication Upgrade

See-through masks help us care for hearing-impaired patients.

Posted 02/03/21 | Katy Trapp, BSN, RN-BC | Post a comment

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion: Essential Elements of Healthcare Equality

Building a more just system requires widespread and purposeful action.

Posted 02/03/21 | Paris D. Butler, MD, MPH, FACS | Post a comment

Accreditation Inspection Insights

Hard work and plenty of preparation helped us ace our survey during the pandemic.

Posted 02/03/21 | Anissa Harris, ; Linda Nelson, MSN, RN-BC | Post a comment

Can You Pass This Medication Safety Quiz?

Test your knowledge of current best practices with this informative exam.

Posted 02/03/21 | Danielle Bouchat-Friedman, Associate Editor | Post a comment

Warming Works Wonders

We trialed prewarming on a small group of patients, and now interest is heating up among multiple specialties.

Posted 02/03/21 | Kathy Abbott, BSN, RN | Post a comment

Nasal Decolonization Slashed Our SSI Rates

The simple pre-op practice eliminated infections and saved our hospital several hundred thousand dollars.

Posted 02/03/21 | Susan Franklin, RN | Post a comment

Rethinking Pressure Injury Prevention

A surprising skin injury led to the launch of a hospital's effective risk-reduction program.

Posted 02/03/21 | Daniel Cook, Editor-in-Chief | Post a comment

Major Milestone

The initial doses of the COVID-19 vaccines provide promise for a healthier future, even as death tolls rise and frustrations mount about the sputtering rollout.

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How to Master Your Pandemic Response

A proven, three-step strategy for increasing your business and protecting your patients and staff from COVID-19.

Posted 01/29/21 | Robert S. Bray | Post a comment

Closing the Communication Gap

Engagement apps help patients and providers get — and stay — on the same page during the entire episode of surgical care.

Posted 01/07/21 | Adam Taylor | Post a comment