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Patient Safety

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Can You Pass This Medication Safety Quiz?

Test your knowledge of current best practices with this informative exam.

Posted 02/03/21 | Danielle Bouchat-Friedman, Associate Editor | Post a comment

Warming Works Wonders

We trialed prewarming on a small group of patients, and now interest is heating up among multiple specialties.

Posted 02/03/21 | Kathy Abbott, BSN, RN | Post a comment

Rethinking Pressure Injury Prevention

A surprising skin injury led to the launch of a hospital's effective risk-reduction program.

Posted 02/03/21 | Daniel Cook, Editor-in-Chief | Post a comment

Safety: Create Your Own Count Board

The customized tool helps staff keep track of items used during surgery. 

Posted 01/06/21 | Jillian Bowers, BSN, RN, CNOR | Post a comment

Make Malignant Hyperthermia Training Memorable

Participating in an MH escape room is a fun and effective way to learn emergency response protocols.

Posted 01/06/21 | Julie Blakeley, BSN, RN, CNOR | Post a comment

Positioned to Prevent Wrong-site Surgery

Reinforcing a culture of safety will ensure surgeries are performed as planned.

Posted 01/06/21 | Maria Marabito, Contributing Editor | Post a comment

A Simple Tool Makes Surgery Safer

Using checklists during pre-op time outs and post-op debriefings protects patients from harm.

Posted 12/10/20 | Danielle Bouchat-Friedman, Associate Editor | Post a comment

Safety: Managing Medication Shortages

Planning for drug scarcities ensures you deliver safe patient care.

Posted 11/06/20 | Allen Vaida, PharmD, FASHP | Post a comment

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion: Much More Than a Kind Gesture

A cultural connection with my surgeon meant everything to me.

Posted 11/06/20 | India Marshall | Post a comment

The Secret to Safer Surgery

Capturing real-time data during procedures leads to enhanced patient care.

Posted 10/27/20 | Post a comment

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