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Smoking Increases Patients' Hospital Expenses

Study points to post-op respiratory complications for higher costs.

Posted 05/30/12 | Post a comment

So-What Study Finds That ASC Owners Perform More Surgery

Perhaps it's because they can do more cases in a more efficient setting.

Posted 05/16/12 | Post a comment

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Possibly Linked to Post-Op Delirium

Early evidence suggests better pre-op screening and treatment for OSA could help avoid the serious complication, say Duke researchers.

Posted 03/28/12 | Post a comment

Study: Opioids After Minor Surgery Can Lead to Addiction

Researchers find some older patients are at risk of becoming long-term narcotics users.

Posted 03/13/12 | Post a comment

Are You Sending the Right Patients for Testing?

Canadian researchers question the factors driving pre-surgical consultations.

Posted 01/05/12 | 1 comment

Study Examines Hospital Readmissions After Colon Surgery

Researchers find nearly 1 in 4 patients return within 90 days.

Posted 11/17/11 | Post a comment

Study Finds End-Of-Life Surgery Common

Researchers raise debate over surgical intervention vs. discretion.

Posted 10/06/11 | Post a comment

Part-Timers Would Alleviate Looming Surgeon Shortage

Physicians are working fewer hours, sub-specializing even more and retiring earlier. What can be done to keep them operating?

Posted 09/15/11 | 1 comment

A Patient's Sex, Age Influences Perception of Pain

Study questions usefulness of new pain assessment methods.

Posted 07/27/11 | Post a comment

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