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Surgical Research

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Initiative Leading to Better Surgical Outcomes for Children

Statistical model helps facilities see what's working, what isn't.

Posted 08/07/13 | Post a comment

Does Patient Satisfaction Even Matter?

Yes, but not as much as you might think.

Posted 04/18/13 | 4 comments

Summer Surgery Deemed Safe

Mayo Clinic researchers debunk "July Effect" myth.

Posted 02/04/13 | 1 comment

Don't Overreact to Pulmonary Emboli Risks

New research suggests anticoagulant therapy is overused in orthopedic patients.

Posted 09/06/12 | Post a comment

What Not To Do While Your Surgeons Operate

Study identifies 4 OR distractions that contribute to surgical errors.

Posted 08/10/12 | 3 comments

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