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Surgical Research

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Researchers Target the 7 Deadliest and Most Expensive Emergency Surgeries

Together, they account for more than 80% of deaths and inpatient costs.

Posted 04/28/16 | Post a comment

Doctors Hope They've Found a Way to Heal Torn ACLs

Preliminary study shows new technique facilitates regrowth of torn ACLs.

Posted 03/24/16 | 1 comment

Could Coaching Improve Surgical Technique?

Laparoscopist's study examines the value of video replay, individual feedback.

Posted 04/22/15 | Post a comment

The Secret to Time Out Success

Asking all team members to speak makes a huge difference.

Posted 02/20/14 | Post a comment

The Science of Skin Prepping

What does the latest literature recommend on skin antisepsis and hair removal?

Posted 01/27/14 | David Bernard, Senior Associate Editor | 2 comments

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