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Surgical Malpractice

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$5.9M Verdict for Fatal Bowel Perforation

Short-staffed hospital faulted for missed diagnosis.

Posted 11/29/12 | Post a comment

Hospital Not Liable for Post-op Recovery Chair Mishap

Courts throw out patient's suit that nurses improperly reclined surgical chair and hurt his back.

Posted 11/09/12 | Post a comment

Unneeded Mastectomy Lawsuit Brings Patient Nearly $1 Million

Pathologist's misdiagnosis led to unnecessary surgery.

Posted 11/07/12 | Post a comment

Judge Finds VA Hospital Liable in Endo Hepatitis Case

Florida veteran's lawsuit was first to originate from flawed-reprocessing outbreak.

Posted 10/19/12 | Post a comment

Surgeon's Failure to Follow Up Proves Costly in MRSA Case

Doctor allegedly failed to order antibiotics after positive culture.

Posted 07/19/12 | Post a comment

$1.45 Million Patient Positioning Award

16-year ordeal over for man who suffered permanent nerve damage during a 1996 orthopedic procedure.

Posted 06/27/12 | Post a comment

Patient Awarded $750,000 for Intubation Injury

Court rules anesthesiologists were at fault for being overly forceful.

Posted 06/22/12 | 1 comment

Ob-Gyn Patient Settles Chemical Burn Lawsuit for $600K

Surgeon's alleged acid error resulted in genital scarring and pain.

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Did Surgeon and Medical Center Falsify Post-Op Records After Child's Death?

Lawsuit alleges report was changed to include procedures that weren't done.

Posted 06/06/12 | 2 comments

Court: Misplaced IV Line Did Not Cause Post-Op Complications

Patient sued hospital over swollen arm, complex regional pain syndrome.

Posted 04/20/12 | Post a comment

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