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Surgical Malpractice

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Silly Surgery Photo Leads to Privacy Lawsuit

An anesthesiologist put stickers on a patient who was under anesthesia, and a photo was taken. You can guess what happened next.

Posted 09/05/13 | 4 comments

Retained Object Leads to Malpractice Suit

Patient says a piece of endobag broke off in her abdomen.

Posted 07/08/13 | Post a comment

Jury Convicts Hep C Outbreak Doctor

Las Vegas endoscopy clinic owner and CRNA colleague face life in prison.

Posted 07/02/13 | Post a comment

Malfunctioning OR Table Wasn't Malpractice

Court dismisses, saying there was no evidence of negligence.

Posted 06/27/13 | 1 comment

$1 Million Malpractice Verdict Follows Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Patient's median nerve was cut by physician using Chow technique.

Posted 06/27/13 | Post a comment

Patient Sues After Spilling Coffee in Post-op

Maybe you ought to rethink serving hot drinks to patients in PACU.

Posted 06/18/13 | 2 comments

Courts: Improper Positioning Caused This Patient's Permanent Nerve Damage

Hospital tried to blame brachial plexus injury on open heart surgery.

Posted 05/07/13 | Post a comment

Jury Awards Widow $1.9M in Intubation Case

Did anesthetists discuss risk of aspiration before deciding not to intubate EGD patient?

Posted 02/27/13 | Post a comment

Surgeon Not Liable for Retained Sponge

Jury rejects patient's allegations of negligent care.

Posted 01/16/13 | 1 comment

Surgeon Acquitted of Drugging, Sexually Assaulting Physician Wife

She counters with malpractice lawsuit in nasty domestic dispute headed for divorce.

Posted 11/30/12 | Post a comment

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