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Surgical Malpractice

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Hospital Accused of Elaborate Cover-Up After Unnecessary Surgery

Patient's lawsuit says she had organs removed for no reason following mistaken pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

Posted 08/10/17 | 1 comment

Medical Malpractice: Should Patients Sign Arbitration Agreements?

They often unknowingly forfeit their right to sue doctors in courts of law

Posted 07/05/17 | Devin O'Brien, JD | Post a comment

Inspiration of Informed Consent Dead at 78

Jerry Canterbury's paralysis after routine back surgery forever changed how doctors discuss the risks of care.

Posted 05/19/17 | Post a comment

New Orleans Surgeon Avoids Video Voyeurism Charges

A jury ruled his cellphone images of naked patients in the OR weren't sexual in nature.

Posted 03/24/17 | 5 comments

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