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Archive June 2016 XVII, No. 6

Behind Closed Doors: You Might Be Having a Bad Day If...

When everything that can go wrong actually does.

Paula Watkins

Paula Watkins, RN, CNOR


frustrated face GRRR Some days nothing goes right.

There are bad days on the job, and then there are days when nothing goes right. Things get so bad that you question your abilities as an OR nurse. Here are some signs that you might be having a bad day.

  • For the third day, your badge won't clock you in. Every day you call about it and every day they say they'll fix it.
  • There are no scrubs in your average size. There are XXL and XS. There is always XS. I don't think I've worked with an XS person in 25 years. Who orders stuff like this?
  • You went home yesterday assigned to Room 3 with the surgeon you love to work with. You come to work today and there are 3 more cases added to the 5 that are already in Room 2 and you're now assigned to that room. To compound things, you don't care for the surgeon and he's not particularly fond of you. Oh, by the way, those 3 add-ons aren't pulled either.
  • The first case is a shoulder scheduled for 0700. You are set up for failure. Your shift starts at 0630. You aren't to clock in before 0623. Thirty minutes isn't long enough to set up for a shoulder. You'll be late with a 0700 start time and late with the following 4. To make matters worse, at 0715 your sadistic charge nurse hits the door with the stretcher and your 0700 patient. She snidely tells you she'll get the patient settled while you continue to search for the things you don't seem to have in the room yet.
  • This surgeon's preference sheet hasn't been updated in 5 years. There hasn't been a new person working here in 5 years. All of the old people here know what he wants before he has asked for it. Guess where that leaves you.
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