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Archive November 2020 XXI, No. 11


Year of The Nurse
Profiles of inspirational nurses.

Getting Buy-in for Smoke Evacuation
Clearing the OR air demands plenty of determination, hours of hard work and passionately selling staff and surgeons on the health-related benefits.

So Much More Than the Survey
Accredited facilities demonstrate a year-round commitment to safe surgery, ongoing quality improvement and excellent patient care.

The Case for Consolidating Orthopedic Suppliers
Cost savings is only one of the benefits realized by limiting the number of vendors who vie for your facility's business.

PONV Prevention Pays Off
Aromatherapy, antiemetics and regional blocks improve discharge times and increase patient satisfaction scores.

Normothermia Is the New Normal
Turn up the heat on proactive patient warming to stave off the chilling effects of surgery.

The Case for Continuous Nerve Blocks
New technology and advancing techniques could make extended pain relief the norm in same-day surgery.

Injecting New Life Into Cataract Surgery
Intracameral agents are contributing to better outcomes and more satisfied patients.

5 Steps to Improved Instrument Care
Reorganized trays, team togetherness and real-time tracking are the keys to success.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Art Therapy
Pre-op Bay Murals Put Patients at Ease

Ideas That Work: Personal Connections
Key Questions Build a Rapport With Patients

Ideas That Work: Block Placement
A Clean and Clear Solution for Handheld Ultrasound

Ideas That Work: Fruits of Their Labor
Badge 'Blueberries' Boost Staff Morale

Ideas That Work: Patient Safety
Signs Signal What Precautions to Take

Ideas That Work: Light Reading
Keep Patients Informed and Entertained Before Surgery

Ideas That Work: Caffeine Fix
Eliminate Coffee Pod Waste


Editor's Page
The World's Best Nurse

Staffing: Gratitude Goes a Long Way
Recognizing the good in each day creates positivity in the workplace.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion: Much More Than a Kind Gesture
A cultural connection with my surgeon meant everything to me.

Business Advisor: The Secret to Bundled Payment Success
Lean on surgeon expertise to negotiate the best terms with insurers.

Thinking of Buying... Automated Endoscope Reprocessors
Delicate procedures demand dynamic patient positioning options.

Anesthesia Alert: Safe Anesthesia Care During COVID-19
Take precautions to reduce exposure risks to airborne droplets.

Safety: Managing Medication Shortages
Planning for drug scarcities ensures you deliver safe patient care.

Product News
Great ideas for your OR

Behind Closed Doors: Still Giving Thanks
The hardships of this year taught me gratitude is pandemic-proof.

November 2020

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