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Archive March 2020 XXI, No. 3


Going Green for the Greater Good
Surgical tech Veronica Marella's idea to turn blue wrap into sleep mats for the homeless inspired a nationwide movement.

What's New in Post-op Pain Management
As opioid prescriptions continue to decline, attention shifts to alternative methods and formulations.

Don't Sweat Accreditation Surveys
Planning and practice will have you prepared instead of panicked when surveyors come calling.

Making the Case for Rigid Containers
Better instrument protection and environmental benefits are just a few of the reasons facilities are deciding to do away with blue wrap.

Help Patients Pay for Surgery
Understanding how healthcare credit cards work will help you select the one that's best for your facility — and those who come to you for care.

Healthier Eating Is Within Reach
Patients who optimize their pre-op nutrition are rewarded with better outcomes.

High-tech Options In Endoscope Reprocessing
Automated leak testers, enhanced drying technology and smart storage solutions enhance the care of these intricate instruments.

Standardize Your Patient Warming Protocols
Preventing inadvertent perioperative hypothermia demands placing a premium on active prewarming.

Tackling Cataract Surgery's Biggest Issue
Surgeons want to reduce or eliminate the number of post-op medications patients are required to self-administer.

A Better Way to Treat BPH
Men with enlarged prostates are seeking out surgeons who offer a minimally invasive solution to their symptoms.

Counts Aren't Always Correct
Barcode scanning and RFID detection help to make sure no sponge is left behind.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Diet Plan
Team Up to Slim Down

Ideas That Work: Lactation Room
A Private Space for Breastfeeding Moms

Ideas That Work: On The Move
Endoscope Bins Save Money and Plastic

Ideas That Work: Peer Interviews
Let Sterile Processing Staff Choose Their Colleagues

Ideas That Work: Pain Management
Oral Acetaminophen Effective Option

Ideas That Work: How Humid Are Your ORs?

Ideas That Work: Infection Prevention
Push for Savings With Powdered Antibiotics

Ideas That Work: Tool Organization
Smart Storage for Back-up Instruments


Editor's Page
Wait... What's a Mayo Stand?

Staffing: Happy Workers Stick Together
It takes commitment and hard work to form lasting bonds with your team.

Infection Prevention: Playing Zone Defense Against Superbugs
Contain contamination to stop the spread of multi-drug resistant bacteria.

Safety: Safer Care in 30 Minutes or Less
Meet as a team to discuss how to prevent patient harm.

Product News
Great Ideas for your OR

Behind Closed Doors: Full Moon Fever
I'm convinced Nurse Luna is to blame for odd OR occurrences.

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