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Archive February 2020 XXI, No. 2


Avoid Costly Case Cancellations
A single pre-op phone call will help to keep your surgical schedule on track.

The Building Blocks of Regional Anesthesia
A back-to-basics approach is needed to expand the use of one of the most effective ways to manage post-op pain.

Positioned for Change
Reviewing and revamping your positioning protocols will protect patients from harm and give surgeons the access they need to perform successful surgery.

Drilled Into Memory
Combine realistic simulation with detailed task cards to ensure your malignant hyperthermia training sticks.

Are You Applying Skin Preps Properly?
Address common reasons for noncompliance to reduce the risk of surgical site infections.

How Do You Enhance Patient Safety?
Readers reveal the solutions they use to augment the efforts of their protective-minded surgical teams.

Should You Switch to Disposable Cataract Supplies?
Cost, safety and environmental impact all play a role, but surgeon preference is still paramount.

Getting to the Point of Sharps Safety
There's more work to be done before sticks and cuts no longer occur in today's ORs.

Gearing Up for Safety and Comfort
These products and devices will go a long way toward keeping your surgical team happy and healthy.

Avoid Compounding in the OR
Start small to stop drug preparations that can lead to errors and sterility issues.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Team Building
Let Staff Show Their True Colors

Ideas That Work: Secret Room
Help Staff Spot Mistakes in Seconds

Ideas That Work: Sticky Solution
Gum Speeds Up Post-Op Digestive Function

Ideas That Work: Greening The OR
Segregate Waste at the Point of Use

Ideas That Work: Visual Aid
Detailed Guidebook Prepares Patients for Surgery

Business Advisor: Outpatient Cardiology Is On the Way
Opportunities abound as heart care migrates to same-day settings.

Infection Prevention: You've Got a Friend in SPD
A buddy system improves the effectiveness of instrument care.

Coding & Billing: Don't Leave Money on the Table
The bundling guidance you follow impacts your reimbursement rates.

Product News
Great Ideas for Your OR.

Behind Closed Doors: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
RN ISO that warm and fuzzy feeling.

February 2020

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