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Archive October 2019 XX, No. 10


Caring for Patients With High BMIs
One nurse's journey from patient to advocate should inspire you to treat obese individuals with clinical expertise and greater compassion.

Ready for a 4K Upgrade?
Facility administrators share their best advice for adding the latest video imaging technology to your ORs.

Strategies for Better Medication Management
Developing a comprehensive protocol for OR medication administration can fill holes that lead to errors — and uncover ones you knew nothing about.

Clean Up After Yourself
A back-to-basics approach and consistent oversight will help you wipe away infection-causing bacteria.

Bringing the Pre-op Process Up to Speed
Software solutions, skin prepping and smart sustenance lead to smoother, safer surgeries.

Opioids Are Overplayed
There are smarter, more effective ways to manage post-op pain.

How Clean Is Your OR Air?
If you think the manual cleaning of OR surfaces is enough to prevent SSIs, you're not addressing a more invisible danger.

3 Ideas to Improve Patient Satisfaction
Think outside the box to communicate with and calm your most important customers.

Take Better Care of Your Endoscopes
These tools and tests enhance reprocessing practices and reduce cross-contamination risks.

Considering the Costs of Complex Cataracts
There's a case to be made for adding to the expense of procedures with already thin profit margins.

How We're Fighting VTE - and Winning
Our prevention protocol reduced VTE incidents by 42% in 7 months.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Socks Over Stigma
Wear Green to Promote Mental Health Awareness

Ideas That Work: See It, Solve It
Encourage Staff to Report Safety Concerns

Ideas That Work: Sounds of Sedation
Help Patients Tune In to Tune Out

Ideas That Work: Infection Control
Have Fun With Hand Hygiene

Ideas That Work: Learning Made Fun
Use Games to School Your Staff

Ideas That Work: Fire Safety
Toss Out Flammable Prepping Supplies

Ideas That Work: Frontline Feedback
Action Items Speak Louder Than Words

Staffing: In Need of a Culture Change?
Do away with bullying, complaining and disrespectful behavior.

Anesthesia Alert: Every Syringe in its Place
Here's a novel way to keep medications organized on the anesthesia cart.

Infection Prevention: Focus On Flexible Endoscope Care
Our standardized process for handling and transporting scopes maintains high-level disinfection standards.

Thinking of Buying... Small Bone Power Tools
Extremity surgeons look for precision, personal comfort and plenty of versatility in their instruments of choice.

Behind Closed Doors: Scary Surgery
Forget ghosts and goblins, these real-life horrors make my blood run cold.

October 2019

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