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Archive March 2019 XX, No. 3


Tell Your Patients to Drink Up
Pre-op nutrition beverages prepare patients' bodies for the rigors of surgery.

Twice the Protection
A trio of safety experts makes the argument for double-gloving.

The MH in Me
As a surgeon who tested positive for susceptibility to malignant hyperthermia, the potential for my patient and team to experience a sudden MH crisis is never far from my mind.

Perfecting the Prone Position
By adding a methodical, aviation-like checklist that focused on teamwork, we reduced repositioning and patient injuries.

Fighting MRSA Infection With a Tissue and a Swab
Nasal decolonization as part of a bundled approach can help reduce wound infections.

Catching Up With 5 Sustained-Release Drugs
New inserts, implants and injections extend therapy for days or even weeks after surgery.

11 Patient Communication Apps
From chatbot-powered pre-op text messaging to AI-driven recovery plans, technology is transforming the patient experience.

9 Things You May Not Know About TASS
The rare but dangerous condition isn't a problem for most eye surgeons... until it is. Here's an update.

Pain Is Personal
Patients do well if you do away with a one-size-fits-all approach to managing their post-op discomfort.

Mesh-y Situation
Controversy in hernia repair puts you and your surgeons at the front lines of patient education.

A Plan for Wound Care
5 steps to ensure your patients can care for their wounds at home.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Glued to Your Seat
Motorized Stretcher Bed Lets You Set It and Forget It

Ideas That Work: Half-and-Half
Tell Patients to Split Their Colonoscopy Prep

Ideas That Work: A Head Start
Tips for a Great Morning Huddle

Ideas That Work: Waste Management
Why Are We Throwing That Away?

Ideas That Work: Pressure Injury Prevention
We Switched From Foam to Gel Pads

Ideas That Work: Pre-Dawn Checklist
Morning Rounds Ensure Safety Comes First


Editor's Page
A Modest Proposal

Staffing: Yes, You Can Become a Better Leader
Be the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

Legal Update: Are You Ready for an Emergency?
Legal nurse consultant: Prepare for a crisis before you have one.

Coding & Billing: 3 Reimbursement Traps to Avoid
How to steer clear of these common revenue-killers.

Anesthesia Alert: Anesthesia's Infection Control Challenges
It's time for your providers to clean up their acts - and their workstations.

Behind Closed Doors: I'm Surrounded by Youngsters
Who let all these twentysomething nurses into my room?

March 2019

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