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Archive January 2019 XX, No. 1


2018 Salary Survey
When you account for bonuses, surgery center leaders had a slightly better year than hospital leaders.

5 Innovations in Infection Control
The latest products and practices to help you bust those bugs.

Making Pressure Injuries A Thing of the Past
Our approach has all but eliminated those devastating skin wounds.

The Case for a Block Nurse Coordinator
Our regional anesthesia program ran like a well-oiled machine when we put a point person in charge.

Innovations in Sinus Surgery
4 advances in opening the pathways of the sinuses and clearing blockages.

Master Total Joint Bundled Payments
How to succeed in today's episode-based, risk-reward model.

Smoke Forced Her Out of the OR - She Then Forced Smoked Out of the OR
Rhode Island nurse pushed hard for mandatory smoke evacuation law.

5 Key Advances in Arthroscopy
New joint products are energizing ortho ORs with the speed and power of a rotating bur.

Hard Facts About Rigid Sterilization Containers
Consider these factors to maintain the integrity of your instruments.

Are Robots Right for Hernia Repair?
Robots are a good option for complex cases - and for surgeons inexperienced with laparoscopic repair.

Call in the Big Guns to Deal With Small Pupils
These drugs and devices promise to take the challenge out of the challenging cataract cases.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Buckets, Not Bags
Eco-Friendly Solution to Storing Patient Belongings

Ideas That Work: Charitable Acts
Blue Wrap Bed Rolls for the Homeless

Ideas That Work: Giving Back
Hand-Me-Down Hospital Socks

Ideas That Work: Air-Assisted Lateral Transfer
Eliminating Patient Handling Injuries

Ideas That Work: Out With The Old, In With The New
A Closing Protocol That Reduces Infections

Ideas That Work: Pre-Incision Lidocaine
The Secret to Painless IV Starts

How to Avoid Burning Out in 2019

Business Advisor
Sending Pre-op Text Alerts and Reminders

Legal Update
Medical Billing Audits: The Road to Ruin

Product News
Great ideas for your OR

Behind Closed Doors
You Might Be an OR Nurse If...

January 2019

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