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Archive December 2018 XIX, No. 12


Breaking the 3-Minute Turnover
Secrets to cleaning rooms in record time - and not missing a spot.

Cool Cataract Surgery Advances
These innovations promise to take ophthalmology's tried-and-true procedure to the next level.

6 Ways to Stamp Out Superbugs
Healthcare-associated infections are on the decline, but antibiotic-resistant bacteria remain a constant threat.

Keys to Safe Spine Surgery Positioning
The keys to injury prevention - neutral positioning and proactive padding.

Your Attention, Please: Time for a Time-Out
Before you can take a safety pause, you have to get the surgical team's attention.

The Path to OR Integration
5 tips on making an efficient and effective transition.

10 Hot, New Anesthesia Products
Highlights from the exhibit hall at the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

How to Optimize Knee Replacements
Focus on these essential elements to send patients home happy and healthy.

When the Robot Malfunctions
Prepare for the unexpected so glitches don't lead to disastrous outcomes.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Puppet Show
Toby the Puppy Greets Pediatric Patients

Ideas That Work: First-Name Basis
Embroidered Scrub Caps Make Close-Knit Teams

Ideas That Work: Staff Satisfaction
Organized OR Turnovers? Check!

Ideas That Work: Skin Care
Adhesive Removal: Go Low and Slow

Ideas That Work: Perpetual Inventory
Bin Rotation System Keeps Supplies Constantly Replenished

Ideas That Work: Pull, Aim, Squeeze and Sweep
Can Your Staff Use A Fire Extinguisher?

Self-Care: 8 Steps to Make Self-Care Part of Your Routine
Simple practices to keep yourself on your priority list.

Staffing: 8 Scheduling Tips to Make Staffing Easier
Late differentials, staggered start times and other creative solutions.

Infection Prevention: Borescopes: Your Eyes on the Inside
Shed some light on the dark side of your devices.

Reimbursement Update: Medicare Payment Rule a Big Win for ASCs
Breaking down the good news for ambulatory surgical centers.

Thinking of Buying... Patient Warming Devices
Exploring the many ways to prevent hypothermia.

Safety: Need Help Establishing a Culture of Safety?
This survey self-assessment tool will identify areas of needed improvement.

Product News
Great ideas for your OR

Behind Closed Doors: All We Want for Christmas
Santa's going to need a bigger sleigh to hold these presents.

December 2018

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