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Archive November 2018 XIX, No. 11


The Case for Concurrent Cases
Double-booked surgeons must choreograph their every move.

Why I Underwent Sleeve Gastrectomy
Here's hoping happy, healthy days lie ahead for me after I lost most of my stomach last month.

10 Clever Products for Your ORs
Neat, new devices designed to prevent patient harm and keep staff safe and comfortable.

The High Risks of High-Touch Surfaces
How do you assess cleanliness when a visually clean item can still harbor contamination?

What's New in Cataract Medications
A look at 6 new drugs your surgeons might want to try.

All-Natural PONV Remedies
Can these alternative treatments help you prevent post-op nausea and vomiting?

What's New in Regional Anesthesia
A quick update on a few exciting developments - and news of a couple setbacks.

Innovations in ENT Surgery
What you need to know about middle ear endoscopy, virtual reality sinus navigation and a new sleep apnea surgery.

The Future of 3D Imaging Is Now
Surgeons are using augmented reality and heads-up displays to plan and perform better surgery.

The Rise of Flat-Panel C-arms
What's fueling the move from traditional image intensifiers to digital flat-panel detectors?

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Fun Ride to the OR
Climb Aboard the Worm Wagon

Ideas That Work: Coban Bandage Art for Cochlear Implant Kids

Ideas That Work: Pathology
Standardize Your Specimen Management Carts

Ideas That Work: Meds To Beds
Deliver Patients' Prescriptions Right to Recovery

Ideas That Work: Patient Satisfaction
Itinerary Details the Trip From Pre-op to PACU

Ideas That Work: Code 13
Anonymous Text Is a Simple Safety Solution

Ideas That Work: Anxiety Scale
Are Your Patients Feelingor?

Business Advisor: Will That Equipment Pay for Itself?
The key question to answer before you buy your next big-ticket item.

Anesthesia Alert: Tips to Avoid Wrong-Site Nerve Blocks
Regional anesthesia has its own set of safety principles.

Safety: My Personal Plea to Ban Surgical Smoke
Don't wait for lawmakers to make your ORs smoke-free.

A Look Back at OR Excellence 2018
We had a blast on the beach last month in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Thinking of Buying... Non-Latex Surgical Gloves
Safety for your OR team and patients without sacrificing comfort, fit or feel.

Product News
Great ideas for your OR

Staffing: Impressionist Movement
Use art to sharpen your staff's observation and communication skills.

Behind Closed Doors: Giving Thanks
You'll see how blessed you really are when you count your blessings.

November 2018

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