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Archive October 2018 XIX, No. 10


Wake Up to the Dangers of Sleep Apnea
5 key takeaways from the new OSA guideline.

The Shift From Disinfection to Sterilization
We overhauled our GI scope reprocessing process in pursuit of our ultimate goal: to eliminate high-level disinfection.

Why Go NPO After Midnight?
It's time to get onboard with the not-so-new approach to pre-op fasting.

How to Answer Patients' Hernia Mesh Questions
Amongst fear and fabrication, be the voice of reason.

7 Tips for a Successful 4K Conversion
Inside our $2 million upgrade to ultra-high definition imaging.

Wound Irrigation in 4 Easy Steps
This 5-minute technique can help prevent a surgical site infection.

Yes, You Can Perform Opioid-Sparing Surgery
How to go easy on the prescription painkillers - yet still control your patients' pain.

New Ideas for Preventing Endophthalmitis
Intracameral antibiotics, proven to lower the rate of infection substantially, are catching on.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Scheduling Solutions
Staffing After-Hours Cases

Ideas That Work: Location, Location, Location
Hang Your Hand Sanitizer Dispensers With Care

Ideas That Work: Deaf Patients
Sign Language Interpreters in the OR

Ideas That Work: No Seal, No Deal
Do Your Retention Plates Pass the 'Wiggle' Test?

Ideas That Work: Off-Label Use
Botox for Hernias? Yup!

Ideas That Work: Whip Out Your Sharpie
Anesthesia Bag Art Deflates Kids' Fears

Ideas That Work: Monthly Assignments
Put Staff in Charge of Their Own Schedule

Staffing:Develop Your Own Homegrown OR Talent
Fewer temps and travel nurses give us greater staffing stability

Medical Malpractice: Charting Through the EHR MedMal Minefield
5 legal danger zones unique to electronic documentation

My Turn: Blessed to Let Go Together
My patient and I leave our grief over losing a loved one on PACU Bay 6

Anesthesia Alert: In or Out of Love With Your Anesthesia Group?
Before you switch providers, consider the true cost of divorce

Thinking of Buying... Small Bone Power Tools
Put power and precision in your surgeons' hands

Product News
Great ideas for your OR

Behind Closed Doors: Late Shift
Things don't always go according to schedule

October 2018

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