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Archive September 2018 XIX, No. 9


2018 OR Excellence Awards
There's a little piece of you in each of this year's winners.

Patient Safety: Priority One Protecting Patients
Houston Physicians' Hospital is committed to optimizing patient safety.

Pain Control: Cruising Down the ERAS Pathway
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital likes the way the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery program handles its patients' pain.

Patient Satisfaction: Up Close and Unscripted
Staff at Bayfront Health Spring Hill encouraged to be themselves with patients.

Financial Management: The Perioperative Olympics
In one quarter, 52 staff-generated, gold-medal, money-saving ideas have resulted in $121,000 in savings.

Employee Safety: An Exhaustive 3-year Quest for 12 Smoke-Free ORs
Northwest Hospital is the first hospital in Maryland to be completely smoke-free.

Infection Prevention: Zero Infections and Counting
Small improvements made a big difference in this hospital's quest to eliminate surgical site infections.

Environmental Stewardship: Blue Is the New Green
The team at Memorial Hermann Surgery Center has found many innovative uses for blue wrap - both in and out of the OR.

A Closer Look at Image Enhancement Technology
Help your surgeons see the sharper clarity, contrast and detail they've been missing.

10 Tips for Safer Electrosurgery
Use these guidelines to keep both patients and staff safe.

Expert Tips for Total Joint Efficiency
Build your program on these pillars of success.

There's That Cataract Van Again
Does outsourcing cataracts make sense for your facility?

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Emergency Preparedness
Fire Evacuation Drills (Not) for Dummies

Ideas That Work: Do You Count Your Propofol?

Ideas That Work: Our Pre-op Bedside Briefing

Ideas That Work: Mark Breast Tumors With RFID Tags

Ideas That Work: Rx for Sheltering 200 People in Place

Ideas That Work: Cover Panels Guard Door
Do Not Enter: UV Room Disinfection in Process

Ideas That Work: Where Do You Store Patient Belongings?

Staffing: 4 Tips for Dealing With Chronic Complainers
Don't minimize the potential damage from staff negativity.

Business Advisor: Unlock Your Equipment's Hidden Expiration Date
Know years in advance when you'll need to replace big-ticket items.

Anesthesia Alert: 8 Little-Known Facts About Ketamine
Anesthetic and analgesic properties that make Special K special.

Safety: How Many Pain Pills Do Patients Really Need?
Match the number of opioids to the procedure to stop overprescribing.

Infection Prevention: The Instrument Whisperer Has Spoken
Tips on dealing with instrument repair and maintenance.

Product News
Great ideas for your OR

Behind Closed Doors: Things That Make You Go Hmmm...
Am I the only one who notices this stuff?

September 2018

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