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Archive May 2018 XIX, No. 5


Give Your Patients the VIP Treatment
Treat patients like they're the only case of the day and watch your satisfaction scores soar.

The Brave New World of Bundled Joint Payments
Expert advice on how to succeed in a packaged-price model with hugely popular and highly expensive joint replacements.

Calculating the Cost of Prefilled Syringes
Go drug by drug to see if it's time to make the switch.

How Do You Manage Fluid Waste?
Consider the safety and efficiency of the options at your disposal.

The Case for Adding Ophthalmic Lasers
These low-cost procedures provide plenty of bang for the buck.

6 Steps to Successful Continuous Nerve Blocks
Simple pointers to increase patient — and surgeon — satisfaction.

Prevent Pressure Ulcers
7 practical pearls to protect your patients' skin.

Is There Anything a Surgical Display Can't Display?
You can project cartoons and consents onto today's OR screens.

Overnight Stays for ASCs
Surgical centers in a handful of states can admit patients for multiple-night stays.

Ideas That Work: Pediatric Pain Management
Reminder: Codeine Could Be Fatal to Children

Ideas That Work: Wrap Less with 3-ply

Ideas That Work: Local Anesthetic Toxicity
Keep Your Lipid Emulsions Close

Ideas That Work: Badge of Honor
Wear Your Mission Statement

Ideas That Work: Lose the Lanyard
The Attraction to Magnetic Name Tags

Ideas That Work: On the Move
Handoff Tool Improves Speed and Safety


Editor's Page
Are ASC Sleepovers a Good Idea?

Coding & Billing
Will You Be Reimbursed for High-Priced Drugs?

Anesthesia Alert
Prevent Post-op Brain Fog in Older Patients

Infection Prevention
Rewriting the Rules of Cataract Reprocessing

5 Ways You Can Prevent Drug Diversion

Product News

Behind Closed Doors
Can You Spot the Site Marking?

May 2018

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