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Archive November 2017 XVIII, No. 11


Is Your Data Secure?
Take these steps today to protect your facility from a cyberattack.

9 Tips for Adding Outpatient Spine
Advice from the founder and the administrator of one of the country's first spine surgery centers.

Do Your Anesthetists Have All They Desire?
The 6 drugs and devices anesthesia providers say they can't do without.

How Much Do You Know About Surgical Video?
Take our quiz to find out that clearer, brighter visuals are just the beginning.

Turn Your Endoscope Into a Therapeutic Device
6 devices that let your GI docs diagnose — and treat — disorders throughout the digestive system.

Need Help Launching Your Total Joints Program?
Leading orthopedic implant companies can assist you in starting a same-day joint replacement program.

Getting a Grip on Hernia Mesh Fixation
Reliable options abound for keeping mesh in its proper place after hernia repair.

3 Fire Prevention Tips
Your OR team can minimize the chance of a surgical fire.

4 Ways to Accessorize Your Ophthalmic Microscope
A look at the value in investing in the latest add-ons for your scopes.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Staffing
Supplement Your Staff With Nursing Students

Ideas That Work: When You Make Patients Wait, Make It Up to Them

Ideas That Work: Along For The Ride
Patient Paperwork Hitches a Ride on Stretcher

Ideas That Work: Drink Up
Ensure Post-op Patients Stay Hydrated

Ideas That Work: One Simple Change Will Reduce Your Add-Ons

Ideas That Work: Stream Cartoons for Kids on Your Monitors

Ideas That Work: Transport Used Instruments in Restaurant Pans

Ideas That Work: The 2-Minute Rule of Work


Editor's Page: Those Who Are Bullied Bully Right Back
Now we know why the oppressed eat their young and each other.

A Look Back at OR Excellence
We hung out with hundreds of our readers last month in Las Vegas for a surgical conference experience unlike any other.

Anesthesia Alert: Who's Unsafe for Outpatient Surgery?
Certain patients shouldn't get past your anesthesia gatekeepers.

Medical Malpractice: Pa. Court: Docs Can't Delegate Informed Consent
Pennsylvania case may have broad implications nationwide.

Safety: Quiet, Please: Noise Distractions in the OR
Silence is golden during the critical stages of surgery.

Thinking of Buying ... Non-Latex Gloves
How to get your team to switch to the safer alternative.

Behind Closed Doors: Creatures of Habit
The rituals and routines of an OR nurse.

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