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Archive September 2017 XVIII, No. 9


For these 7 winners, a commitment to going beyond the "call of duty" is in their DNA.

Patient Safety: "Burning Bruce" Drives Home the Reality of Surgical Fires
Frighteningly realistic drills are the norm for the Stony Point Surgery Center.

Pain Control: When Total Joint Patients Want to Kick Up Their Heels
At Houston Physicians' Hospital, a multifaceted initiative has dramatically improved pain scores and recoveries.

Staff Safety: Standing up for Surgical Smoke Safety
The staff at Dosher Memorial Hospital banded together to protect themselves — and surgeons — from the dangers of toxic plumes.

Patient Satisfaction: Hired to Exceed Expectations
For the staff of Mackinac Straits Health System Surgery Center, going "above and beyond" is part of the job.

Financial Management: This ENT Center Sees Strength in Numbers
The Surgery Center of Fort Wayne, Ind., takes a team approach to purging unnecessary costs.

SSI Prevention: A Bridge Between Infection Prevention and the OR
A late career switch stamping out surgical site infections.

Environmental Stewardship: How to Become a Green Machine
Environmentally conscious Deaconess Hospital finds value in a recycling program aimed at "doing what's right."

Can You Pass Our Electrosurgery Quiz
Find out how much your surgeons and staff know about the science of surgical energy.

Deep Dive Into VTE Prevention
Match prophylaxis to patient-specific risks to guard against clot formation.

Secrets to Speedy OR Turnover Times
How to turn rooms over safely and efficiently.

Time to Add Bariatric Surgery?
Weight-loss surgery can be your gain.

4 Game-Changing Advances in Surgical Video
New technology is providing stunning clarity and a whole lot more.

Exciting Advances in Ophthalmic Laser Therapy
Taking a closer look at laser treatments for floaters, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Patients Mark Their Sites Before They Leave Home

Ideas That Work: Reduce Medication Errors With "Red Zone" Reminders

Ideas That Work: Check Patients' Blood Sugar With Safety Lancets

Ideas That Work: Has That Pre-op Bay Been Cleaned?

Ideas That Work: Little Things You Can Do for Your Surveyor

Ideas That Work: How to Respond in an Emergency

Ideas That Work: Stop, That Patient's Not Yet Ready to Go to the OR

Ideas That Work: Keep Strangers Out of Restricted Areas


Editor's Page: FDA's Forced Air Letter Seems a Little Forced
The FDA recommends you continue using 3M's forced-arm warmers.

Infection Prevention: Are Those Stethoscopes Clean?
You may be ignoring this common source of pathogens.

Medical Malpractice: The Limits of Informed Consent
Can patients claim damages if they were aware of the risks?

Safety: Are You Ready for a Disaster?
How to comply with CMS's Emergency Preparedness Rule.

Thinking of Buying ... Video Laryngoscopes
For intubations, a new standard of care is within sight.

Staffing: 7 Simple Staff Appreciation Ideas
Easy, low-cost ways to let your team know you value them.

Legal Update: Be Smart About Smartphone Use
Mitigate the legal risks of cell phones in your facility.

Product News

Behind Closed Doors: You Might Work in the OR If ...
21 dead giveaways that you're obsessed with surgery.

September 2017

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