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Archive July 2017 XVIII, No. 7


Same-Day Hip Success
Today's total hip replacement patients are back in their recliners before they know it.

You Can't Count on Counts Alone
Preventing retained objects not as easy as 1-2-3.

Patient Positioning Advances
Devices designed to improve the efficiency and safety of even the most complex cases.

Take Our Barrier Protection Quiz
Is your staff fully protected from harmful fluids and chemicals?

The New Rules of Terminal Cleaning
Has your approach to end-of-day OR disinfection evolved with the times?

Time to Buy a New Table?
Features that matter most when buying your next OR bed.

Best New Products in Ophthalmology
Our cataract surgeon's nominations for the hottest products on display in the ASCRS exhibit hall.

Bullish on Bariatric Surgery
Could these 5 procedures revitalize weight-loss surgery?

Are You Ready for OAS CAHPS?
Mandatory participation in CMS's patient-satisfaction program begins in less than 6 months (we think). Here's how to prepare.

More Than Just a Pretty Picture
Video monitors are growing in size, capability and clarity — and providing advantages that extend well beyond what surgeons see.

Flash Forward
The unexpected benefits of abstaining from immediate-use steam sterilization.

7 Hot, New GI Devices
Check out these game-changers from Digestive Disease Week's exhibit hall.

How Safe Are Your Patients in 2017?
Challenges remain, but many surgical leaders are finding ways to overcome them.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: If Yellow Label Is Broken, Don't Use That Scope

Ideas That Work: Create a Handshake-Free Zone

Ideas That Work: Wait, You Can't Reuse Christmas Trees?

Ideas That Work: How to Measure Ventilation on Sedated Patients

Ideas That Work: 90% Is the Magic Number to Optimize Procedure Packs

Ideas That Work: Clearing the PACU Logjam

Ideas That Work: Safeguard Your Sterile Processing Techs


Editor's Page: When Quality Reporting Becomes Burdensome
Patient satisfaction surveys could be more trouble than they're worth.

Legal Update: Are You Hip to HIPAA?
Ignorance is no defense when it comes to protected health information.

Medical Malpractice: Should Patients Sign Arbitration Agreements?
They often unknowingly forfeit their right to sue doctors in courts of law

Business Advisor: Ready to Tackle Block Time
A fair-and-square approach to block scheduling your surgeons will love.

Anesthesia Alert: Can You Spot a Drug Diverter in Your Midst?
Anesthesia providers are vulnerable to on-the-job opioid abuse.

Safety: What Good Are Surgical Safety Checklists?
They're effective only if your team uses them — and uses them properly.

Product News

Thinking of Buying ... Fluid Waste Management Systems
Your options in hard-plumbed and portable direct-to-drain systems.

Behind Closed Doors: Surgical Superheroes
Imagine what we could do if we had extraordinary powers.

July 2017

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