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Archive August 2016 XVII, No. 8


The Trouble With Transvaginal Mesh
Why did the FDA ever approve a product that has injured thousands of women? There's plenty of blame to go around.

Unobstructed View
Technology and techniques to help your laparoscopic surgeons see better.

2016 Cataract Technology Survey
Which innovations are cataract surgeons embracing?

A New Way to Think About Retained Items
Studies on the psychology of counting helped shape AORN's updated prevention guideline.

Rules of Reprocessing: Lumened Instruments
Get back to the basics to properly sterilize these complex instruments.

6 Tips to Boost Your Colonoscopy Service Line
Here's how high-volume GI centers improve their efficiency and patient satisfaction.

5 New Technologies for Treating GERD
The list of minimally invasive surgical and endoscopic options is expanding.

Last One Out Cleans the OR
These 6 keys to terminal cleaning will leave your facility spotless after a hard day's work.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Homemade Headrest Keeps Cataract Patients Still

Ideas That Work: Show Equipment Vendors You Mean Business

Ideas That Work: Put Your Pediatric Patients at Ease

Ideas That Work: Paperless Patient Surveys

Ideas That Work: Paint Your OR Walls White to Better Reflect UV Rays

Ideas That Work: Video Tells Patients What to Expect on Day of Surgery

Ideas That Work: The OR's Closed Until Pre-Surgical Checklist is Complete

Ideas That Work: Innovative Ideas
Discharge Instructions Done Right

Ideas That Work: No Need to Rewrite Unchanged H&Ps


Editor's Page: When Cost-Cutting Jeopardizes Patient Safety
Physician claims he was told to skimp on anesthesia to hasten discharge.

In Case You Missed It...
Top 10 viewed features on

Coding & Billing: Medicare's 2017 Outpatient Payment Update
How the proposed reimbursement changes could impact your facility.

Anesthesia Alert: Topical or Block: What's Best for Cataracts?
Factors to consider before you choose one method over another.

Thinking of Buying ... Patient Warming Solutions
What's the best way to maintain normothermia in your patients?

Infection Prevention: When Everyone's a Hand Hygiene Spy
Make surveillance everyone's job, and watch compliance rates soar.

Product News

Cutting Remarks: Out to Lunch
If you come back late from your break, you'd better have a good excuse.

Behind Closed Doors: The Best of Paula Watkins
Some seriously funny stuff goes on in the OR.

August 2016

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