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Archive June 2016 XVII, No. 6


How Safe Are Your Patients?
Our survey shows you have a long way to go to provide the level of quality and safety that your patients deserve.

What's New for Minimally Invasive Surgery?
Advanced imaging, robotic assistance and other looks into laparoscopy's future at the SAGES exhibit hall.

The Future of Cataract Surgery
These advances will innovate your ophthalmic ORs.

Your Primer on Total Knee Systems
Choose the right implant, cutting guides and instruments to streamline your outpatient joint program.

Stretcher-Chairs for Safer Patient Handling
Ready to transform your facility into a no-lift, no-transfer environment?

How We Got Rid of Latex Gloves Once and for All
We made the switch years ago, and have never looked back.

4 Hot Trends in Sinus Surgery
Top docs reveal how and where procedures will be performed in the not-too-distant future.

Are Your Flexible Endoscopes Really Clean?
5 reprocessing recommendations.

Where to Focus Your Infection Prevention Efforts
Make these key areas of focus a priority.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: A Simple Trick for Cleaner GYN Cases

Ideas That Work: Why Your Nurses Shouldn't Carry Tape on Their Person

Ideas That Work: Tune Up Your Turnovers With a Parallel Process

Ideas That Work: A Bouquet of Flowers for Every Patient

Ideas That Work: Innovative Ideas
Make Patients' Escorts Feel at Home

Ideas That Work: Startup Crew Eliminates First-Case Delays


Editor's Page: Changing of the Guard
When it's time to retire, will you train your replacement the right way?

Business Advisor: Time for Timeshare Surgery Centers?
Surgeons can lease ORs, staff and equipment from an existing facility.

In Case You Missed It...
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Medical Malpractice: Don't Get Tripped Up With These EHR Errors
A simple typo could still put you at risk of a negligence lawsuit.

Coding & Billing: Collecting Co-pays on the Day of Surgery
6 keys to an effective patient collections program.

Safety: Get the Most Out of Your Safety Checklist
Frontline feedback and active participation help check all the boxes.

Thinking of Buying ... Rigid Sterilization Containers
An open-and-shut case for bypassing blue wrap.

Infection Prevention: Can Anesthesia Providers Spread Infection?
Absolutely yes -- pay attention to what goes on at the head of the table.

Product News

Cutting Remarks: Maimonides, the Great Healer
Reflecting on the life of a man devoted to his patients' well-being.

Behind Closed Doors: You Might Be Having a Bad Day If...
When everything that can go wrong actually does.

June 2016

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