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Archive November 2015 XVI, No. 11


The Focused Factory Approach to Surgery
Every facility, big or small, can implement a standardized approach to how it operates.

5 Ways to Make Your Cataract Patients Happy
A surgeon who has been on both sides of the table shares his top tips for improving patient satisfaction.

5 Keys to Regional Block Efficiency
Our high-volume orthopedic center keeps patients moving.

The Role of Real-Time Intraoperative Imaging
Efficiency and accessibility were an unexpected focus of our imaging upgrade.

Are You Making These Surface-Cleaning Mistakes?
Here are 13 areas your turnover team may be glossing over.

Strategies for More Precise Surgical Fluid Management
Your intraoperative fluid therapy decisions influence post-operative outcomes.

10 Abdominal Surgery Advances
Innovative techniques and tools continue to move the ball forward.

Case Carts Carry the Load
Don't overlook the critical role they play in your workflow.

A New Way to Clean GI Scopes
Some are calling for a shift in endoscope reprocessing from high-level disinfection to steam sterilization.

Shopping for Supraglottic Airway Devices
When a difficult airway strikes, you want the right tool instantly available. Here's help in deciding.

Our New Heavyweight Table
The $75,000 workhorse has a 1,200-pound weight capacity and a host of other safety features.

Hot Features in Warming Cabinets
The latest innovations promote safety, convenience and reliability.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Laundry Savings
The Switch to Paper Bed Sheets

Ideas That Work: Words of Wisdom
"Huggle Board" Boosts Staff Spirit

Ideas That Work: Forget Me Not
My Go-To Organizational Apps

Ideas That Work: Rolling Stop
Privacy When And Where You Need It

Ideas That Work: Patient Safety
Information Cards Enhance Patient Handoffs

Ideas That Work: Save An IV
Quick Trick for Your "Unsuccessful" Starts

Ideas That Work: Innovative Ideas
Take the Scare Out of Care for Pediatric Patients

Ideas That Work: Catch of the Month
A Small Reward Helps Keep Eyes Wide Open


Editor's Page: Desensitized to Death
Could the death of Joan Rivers be a wake-up call for surgical facilities?

A Fond Look Back at OR Excellence 2015
7 pages of pictures from this year's conference in San Antonio.

In Case You Missed It ...
Top 10 viewed features on

Medical Malpractice: Could Your Front Desk Get You Sued?
Be careful who's dispensing advice to patients.

Legal Update: Is Your Pain Practice Appealing to Investors?
Here's what corporate partners are looking for in the specialty.

Coding & Billing: Top ICD-10 Challenges for Eye Cases
Be on the lookout for these common coding errors.

Thinking of Buying ... A Fluid Waste Management System
Consider the benefits of closed collection and disposal.

Product News

Cutting Remarks: Bad Blood
All bleeding eventually stops. I just wish it would never start.

Behind Closed Doors: My Fellow Americans
Why the next president should come from the OR.

November 2015

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